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Important Dates Regarding PAL Upgrades


The Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF) announces the 2017 recipient of the CCCF Award of Excellence


Upcoming PAL Enhancements

Introductory Call Prior to Site Visit - Effective November 1, 2016

Effective November 1, 2016, there will be no 24-hour notice of the site visit given to programs; and the accreditation agency’s Validator can be expected to arrive for a site visit at any time during the two-week window scheduled and communicated to the program by the Site Visit Coordinator.
Programs will receive an Introductory Call from the Validator prior to the scheduled two-week window of the site visit (rather than within 24 hours). This call is an opportunity for the Lead Validator to introduce him/herself and inform the program of his/her schedule, as well as, having the program inform the Validator of their routine and enrollment, so Validators are prepared when they arrive for the site visit.

“Alberta child care accreditation promotes excellence in child care settings and helps families choose the best care for their children.” (Page 5, Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards, December 2013, Government of Alberta)