Blackjack dealer has 2 aces

A blackjack dealer has two aces. The second ace is optional, so there is a possibility that a blackjack dealer will be dealt a hand with two aces if the first ace is 10 or higher.

What if the dealer has an ace?

If you do not beat the card, then consider this as a chance for both player to gain something. So you have to play your game according to what you both are capable of- if your opponent does not give any value then play aggressively or in a safe way but if he/she gives value then play quietly so that he/she does not get any value out of it. Also if there is an ace then never show your hand unless you are sure of what they have. If they have an ace and you do not think they will call with it then check. It’s better to call with something a bit worse (like king) than with nothing at all.

Should you split two aces in blackjack?

If you have two aces in blackjack and the decks are evenly matched, you should split them. On average the house advantage is smaller for splitting than for keeping one ace. If the dealer has an ace and you do not, you stand a better chance at winning if you keep one ace.

How does a dealer play two aces?

If a player has two aces, they are the best possible cards in their hand. They should therefore be played as such, and should not be used as a ‘stake’. This is because if the player holding two acs is ahead in the hand, they will not win much more after the other players have played their hands. Therefore, it is more beneficial for that player to ‘bust out’ (have all their cards) and win the pot without any further play by the other players.

Does blackjack dealer count ace as 1 or 11?

Ace is considered as 11 in blackjack, by convention. See the link for more info.

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