Do blackjack dealers have a mirror

Not directly. Because of the high exposure involved in blackjack, dealers need to be at least somewhat attractive. Therefore, blackjack dealers typically use fake mirror sunglasses to make themselves appear more attractive to players.Despite the artificial appearance of the sunglasses, players are still attracted to blackjack dealers because of their good looks and attractive personality. This is one of the many reasons that blackjack is such a popular game at Las Vegas.

Do blackjack tables have mirrors?

Yes, blackjack tables have mirrors. The mirrors are there to help gamblers who have poor eyesight or who wear glasses to see the cards being dealt to the players at the blackjack table.

How do dealers check if they have blackjack?

There are a few different ways that a dealer can check if they have blackjack. The first is to check the hole count. The hole count is the running total of blackjacks that have been played so far. If the dealer has blackjack, the hole count will be zero. If the dealer has no blackjack, it will be a positive number (one or more). Another way to check is to look at the hand history page. There you can see how many hands each player has played and how many hands each player has had. If you’re playing with someone, you can also count up how many tens and face cards they have. Finally, you can count up the number of chip stacks that are in front of them. If they have blackjack and there are no more stacks of chips behind them, then the dealer has blackjack.

Can black jack dealers see you?

yes, blackjack dealers can see you. They know, who’s at the table and what cards you have.Part of the job is to be discreet. I remember a pit boss once said: “If you’re not cheating, we don’t want to know.”

Does the dealer look at his cards in blackjack?

I was playing blackjack at a casino in Mexico City, and I was downright unlucky. The dealer kept dealing me terrible hands (a queen high, a king high, a nine high). So I began to wonder: could it be that the dealer is cheating me? But then I realized: if the dealer cheats me, then he would be taking advantage of my poor luck, right? So I decided to act as if I were actually being cheated. And guess what, it actually worked. The dealer actually did start taking advantage of my bad hands after a while.I came to the conclusion that the dealer must have access to in-house information on player’s hands, to be able to play them like that. It’s like playing blackjack with an ace-10. If you don’t know what your hand is going to be, you’re going to lose big time.

How the Dealer Checks their Cards for a Blackjack

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