Do blackjack dealers make a lot of money

Yes, blackjack dealers make a lot of money because they get paid a lot of money to play blackjack. I was a blackjack dealer for 2 years and I made $100K.The first month I made $5,000The second month I made $10,000The third month I made $15,000The fourth month I made $20,000The fifth month I made $25,000The sixth month I made $30,000And the seventh month I made $35,000After those seven months the rakeback bonus ended.

Is being a blackjack dealer hard?

Depends on the Casino, I would say. If you have good connections, or you know what you are doing than its not so hard to be a Blackjack Dealer, but if you don’t have any connections or if is your first job its really hard to get a job as a Blackjack Dealer.

How Much Money Do Casino Dealers Make?

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