Do blackjack dealers want you to win

In general, blackjack dealers do not have a vested interest in players’ success. However, if you are winning, blackjack dealers may have an incentive to keep you playing so that they can earn fees. A player who is winning may be more likely to continue playing and stay at the table longer. Players who are losing can be more likely to leave the table earlier, which results in fewer play opportunities for the blackjack dealer.

Why do dealers win in blackjack?

Because the house has an edge.They don’t need to beat you, all they need to do is not lose as much as you do. You can see this immediately by calculating the expected value, E(x). If you know how to do the following, then I’ll give some examples: ( 1 – t ) e = ( 1 – t ) ( i = 1 n ( 1 – t ) i ) = ( 1 – t ) e n = ( 1 – t ) ( n ! ) where n ! = 2 x + 2 e 2 / 7 {\displaystyle {\sqrt {n!}}=2x+{\frac {2\pi }{e^{2/7}}}}So if your advantage was n, then your expected loss would be: E(L)=ne=e2/7e. So if your advantage is greater than this, you win.

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