Does winstar have blackjack

No, Winstar doesn’t have Blackjack.There are actually a few interesting things about this. First, Winstar isn’t a full service casino. In fact, it’s more like a roulette parlor that has blackjack tables on the side. Second, these tables are not for real money play. Third, and most important, Octagon is the operator of these blackjack tables and they do not allow players to place real money bets or to cash out until the table is completed. If you are playing at Winstar you are playing on fake money; definitely not worth it!

How much are the blackjack tables at WinStar?

Just a few weeks ago, I played blackjack at Winstar for 16 hours straight and got $800. That’s right, eight hundred dollars for playing 40 minutes a day for 16 days.If you can stand the noise, find a games with an open table, and don’t mind the small buy-in, you should have no problem hitting $1K+ in blackjack at WinStar.

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