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There are two basic ways that cards are dealt in blackjack: face up and face down.Face up dealing is the more common way. In face up dealing, the dealer looks at each of the cards that they are going to put out on the table before they do so. They then turn them face up so that everyone can see them.Face down dealing means that the cards are dealt underneath the table or in a shoe (a small compartment containing a number of cards). It is rare for blackjack dealers to use face down dealing because it can be more difficult to see the cards, but it is sometimes used in high stakes games with players who don’t mind a disadvantage.

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How are blackjack cards dealt?

Blackjack cards are dealt one at a time, face down, starting at the player’s left. The player picks up the card and looks at it. If it is a blackjack or better (worth 20), the player wins the bet. If it is a blackjack or better, but not a full house (aces and twos together), the player wins half of the bet and the dealer wins half. If it is a blackjack or better and also a three-card flush (any one card of a sequence of three), all players win. The dealer must stand on all fours. The first card to be turned is always the top one, so that it starts face up in the middle of the pack (known as first in from th Fourth card to be turned is then on top of this pack, so that it starts below this pack, known as fourth in from thEND ITm###

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