Was black jack randall in love with his brother

yes black jack randall was in love with his brother also known as clark noah wright. They were best friends but they were in love with each other since they were both 17.they first started being friends when they were 10 they were both athletic and very was hard for them being boys how so beautiful and popular.they would say hi to each other and then change their expression and go back to saying hi to the person they were supposed to be talking too.clark (noah wright) was finally asked to the homecoming dance by the girl he liked then he asked black jack (patrick gregory) if he could go with him which he agreed. black jack didn’t know what to say but clark was secretly glad because he was going to ask rachel (erin daley) despit her being pregnant Due to them Iike each other she couldnt go so he had more chances than her. But rachel was not pleased that clark had decided before she did and so she would not talk to him for a couple of days. It would be because rachel spent those days with rachel’s mother celebrating her birthday and it turned out that rachel’s mom is quite the crier lol so now there is no reason or excuse for rachael not going because she finally has a good enough reasonblackjack felt slightly shy around her but it always seemed like rachel was as cold towards him as possible after all she did change her mind about marrying him when she found out that he had kissed his brother in law josh. It did change things but rachel didn’t want him anymore anyways since then they’ve only seen eachother at school events or family events since then they stopped being friends and just do the bare minimum or not see eachother at all unless it’s company’. It should be mentioned that both of these boys are very good singers so there wasn’t many people who knew that he had asked clark then when clark found out eventuallyhe said yes saying “this is awesome” amaziNgthe day bajack asked white kid brooklyn vaughn if he wanted to go too he pretended it didn’t faze him but his face looked disappointed and hurt so whitkidnrecognized that whitkid was actually pining for him (needless to describe blackjack couldn’t ignore anything without loving it) combined whitkid

Who is Alex to Black Jack Randall?

This is a popular question who gets asked most often and the answer is one of the funniest events in the childhood.Black Jack was a famous game, his brother Peter was playing. He lost all his money and came to Black Jack, who gave him a free game and then he asked to play blackjack with him. So he started playing blackjack and he was losing all his money one by one but Peter was really unlucky because he kept on loosing more money and finally he lost all his money and ran out of the room to hide. So Black Jack said that you are scamming me by not playing blackjack you don’t know how to play we are brothers so if i see you around me i can’t eat you and next time when we get to somewhere i will chase you so if your hiding from me be like in front of me do not cross your legs like that i don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Are the Randall brothers in Outlander actually related?

No. The Randall brothers are not biological brothers. They are cousins. Jamie and Claire Randall are first cousins, Jamie is Claires first cousin once removed and Roger is Claires second cousin.

Why is Black Jack Randall obsessed with Jamie?

The Black Jack Randall is obsessed with Jamie because he is in love with her.In the TV series the Black Jack Randall is shown to be obsessed with Jamie Fraser, who rejected him multiple times.Throughout book 1 of the Cry Unceasingly TV series, we are shown that Black Jack Randall is trying to woo Jamie’s sister Nessie.But when Nessie rejects him, he becomes even more obsessed with Jamie.

Why did Black Jack punch his brother?

Black Jack was fiercely protective of his younger brother John, and it was not unusual for him to go to great lengths to shield him, including putting his own life in jeopardy. On one occasion, Black Jack found himself in a dangerous fight with a group of men, who he knew could be hired by John’s terrible stepmother, Mrs. Pumphrey. When Black Jack whipped out the biggest pair of fists he had, Mrs. Pumphrey and her thugs broke it up, and left John alone.Later, when John and Black Jack were playing outside the house, Mrs. Pumphrey saw an opportunity for revenge and interrupted the boys’ game. As she lectured them about respect and obedience, she slyly reached out to slap John across the face. At that point, Black Jack sprung into action without warning, brutally punching Mrs. Pumph seey square in the face! He then made it clear to her how inappropriate she was being by dragging her back with such force that her glasses broke!

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