Was black jack randall real

No, Aaron Randall was not real. Aaron Randall is a fantasy of creation that appears in the novel and film, The Mothman Prophecies by John W. Campbell.In the novel, Aaron Randall is a blackjack gambler who thinks he has a 98% chance of beating the house at the card table. While in reality, he is really losing money, he still believes his odds are good enough to make a killing at the card table. He encounters John Speer, who is working as a mole for NSA. Speer explains to him that there is no such thing as a 98% chance of beating the house, but rather 1%, and that it only takes one mistake to ruin your chances completely. Speer then shows him how he has discovered an error in one of cards being dealt at the blackjack table that provides him with an edge over everyone else: if you have a total of 11 or 12 on your first two cards, you can deliberately bust out and lose your third card; this gives you an additional point because many players will be sure to keep their hands; this extra point will almost certainly be enough to defeat the house edge. After learning about this information Aaron immediately figures out how to win at blackjack by using this technique.Later on Charlie Waite from Mothman Foundation meets up with Aaron in Las Vegas and explains that there were two events that were happening in Ohio around three years ago which were not being covered by mainstream media: 66 people from different cities all around America all committed suicide on the very same day; and 66 children all around America all went missing on the very same day without any explanation whatsoever. Both events had huge implications for government regulation on mental health issues and these events were intentionally kept under wraps by government institutions so they could not be used as precedents for any future legislation.All of this information was given to Aaron Randall via John Speer so that he could pass it on to Charlie Waite so they could take action before anything worse happened because they knew that if something terrible was going to happen it would probably happen before they were able to stop it from happening and therefore must act now or never as it may never happen again this way in our lifetime so we can’t let our guard down for a single moment ever again because every second we waste we are potentially squandering our only opportunity ever to change everything forever because nothing ever truly dies it always lives on forever through others who are just like us except they

Is Outlander based on true story?

In a word, yes. The characters and the story of Outlander are based on a true story. Ive done some digging and researched some things, and I think its all accurate to the best of my knowledge. Some of the events may have taken place slightly differently, but the overall story is real.Ive heard a few things about this novel, and I think they are mostly true: that it was written by multiple authors in 1991, that it was based on an idea given to Diana Gabaldon by friends in 1986 who wanted to write a time traveling novel, that it hit bestseller lists in 1993 after its publication date was moved up due to word of mouthI could go on!As for the facts behind the book: I think his was told to the American public by Scottish author Diana Gabaldon at a conferencealthough I could be off about this oneto promote the TV show only. Though Gabaldon has said she didnt write anything for the show and hasnt read any scripts or watched any filming (which can be pretty difficult after all those years), she has accepted royalties from merchandise sales that depict Jamie as a Scotsman (including whiskey, no doubt).So yestrue story!

Is Frank a descendant of Black Jack Randall?

No, Frank is the grandson of Black Jack Randall and the great-grandson of Randall.Black Jack Randall was the Irishman who invented and sold the famous Randall Nerve Gas Shell, which was in widespread use during World War I. His great-grandson Frank has no heritage or genetic connection to Black Jack.

What REALLY Happens To Black Jack Randall In Outlander..

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