What are the rules for blackjack

The rules of blackjack are quite straightforward. The game is played between one player and one dealer. The player attempts to achieve the best possible score by playing a combination of cards that give them the greatest chances of winning.The dealer attempts to achieve the lowest score possible by refusing any card that gives the player a chance of winning.It is possible for both players to lose or win at blackjack at the same time. This means that both players and the dealer have to avoid going bust at all costs.

What are the rules for blackjack dealers?

The game is always fair and the dealer must be honest. A blackjack dealer doesnt have any advantage in the game.He can be a little bit more generous or a little bit more stingy. But, he must be fair.He must tell the players the current blackjack ratio and the number of decks left in the game so far.He must also keep track of all players cards on a marker stick to record any suspected cheating.

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