When should you double down in blackjack

When you are dealt a second card, you can double down if the card value is worth 20 points or more. You can also double down on aces, the ten or eleven. The odds of getting a blackjack by doubling down are always 1 in 4.

Should you always double down on 11?

No, it is not always a good idea to double down on 11. There are some cases in which double down on 11 can be beneficial, and some cases in which it can be a bad idea.Double down on 11 if:1. The hand is strong and likely to win in the long term2. The hand doesn’t fit well into an existing strategy3. You think the EV of the hand is good enough to make a smallbet4. You have enough money in your margin account that you don’t need to look for financing options5. You are not afraid of loosing your whole bet (in most cases). If you are afraid of loosing more than you have, then double down on 10 or even single bet

When to Double Down in Blackjack – Gambling Tips

How To Play Blackjack – Double Down In Blackjack

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