Who was blackjack ketchum

Blackjack Ketchum was an inventor and engineer who worked for Hughes Aircraft Company; he is most notable for his invention of the Ketchum flying trapeze, a device he used to rescue Hughes employees trapped in an airplane wreckage after it had crashed into the Santa Ana mountains.

Who was Ketchum in the Old West?

John Ketchum was a notorious outlaw in the American Old West of the late 19th century and early 20

Why is Black Jack Ketchum famous?

Black Jack Ketchum was an American boxer and a world middleweight champion. He was famous for his sharp punching abilities. Ketchum fought 312 fights and won them all except for one, with an unbeaten record of 312 1.

Who was Black Jack?

Black Jack is a slang name for a unit of measurement in United States customary units. The term is primarily used in poker, along with unflushable black jack, or unplayable black jack.In the poker game of blackjack, the Black Jack (abbreviated BJ) is the highest possible hand that can be achieved by following the Hit or Stand procedure. It is equivalent to 21 points, and is often said to be worth ‘one hundred’ – due to its value on a single point. The player who receives the Black Jack extremely wins the hand and all betting/dealing ends stand immediately.


Black Jack Ketchum – Brian Schirmer & Jeremy Saliba

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