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Where is bonus number on lotto max ticket

On a Lotto Max ticket there are two numbers worth looking out for. The first number is often referred to as the ?bonus? or ?special number? and the second number is the ?Jackpot? or ?Grand Bonus?.The bonus number is the second number on the ticket which represents a second prize in the Lotto draw. If this number matches the first number drawn your ticket will be worth a 2nd prize draw. If you match 4 numbers there is also a 4 x 2nd prize draw on 11 September 2017.The jackpot winner is randomly chosen from all matched numbers and this person will be declared The Lotto Grand Winner. So if you match every last digit on a Lotto Max ticket you could be holding one of the most memorable moments of your life!

How does BC Lotto Max work?

The format of the draw is a mix of fans and friends. You can play the draw in one of the following ways:? Online: either through their website or by registering your details on the app.? By Phone: Call (+1-866-374-4848) and enter your 6 digit code or scan your receipt as an ID verification.? In Person: Registered players can visit any Lottery Agent across Canada to buy their tickets.The minimum of one can purchase 10 tickets for C$10 each. C$10 worth of tickets can be purchased at any point of time before the drawing date. The drawing date is announced later on. The drawing date and time will be announced on June 22nd. C$10 worth of tickets can be purchased only once per person. If you want to increase your ticket amount, you can do so for C$10 each.

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