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Who accepts cryptocurrency in canada

The Dope Mags staff does not accept cryptocurrency in exchange for drugs or money. We do not take crypto because it’s dangerous.If you so choose, we can offer you a prescription for some MDMA or Marijuana ??.We understand you’re excited to make your purchase from us, but please know that the simple act of paying with crypto can lead to the seizure of your assets and have any and all coins you have wiped from the blockchain permanently. For this reason, we cannot and will not accept crypto directly. We apologize in advance if this changes your mind about ordering narcotics from us. We just want to be sure you’re fully aware of all the dangers that come with such transactions before ordering anything.

Does Home Depot accept crypto?

Yes, Home Depot accepts crypto. The company accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). You can use your credit and debit cards to purchase products at the store.-Rohit R pHILI (

Can I pay with cryptocurrency in Canada?

Unfortunately the answer to this is no. When you purchase goods or services in Canada with cryptocurrency, you can only use it to buy goods or services that only accept cash or cryptocurrency.You can airdrops money through someone and let him/her buy goods and services but not directly purchase goods and services with airdrops.I hope this information was helpful.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada in 2 minutes (2022 Updated)

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