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Will casinos use crypto

not we sure to answer your question because everything is based on speculation, but I think that casinos will definitely take advantage of the upcoming advertitions in crypto currency and also they will start using crypto as a means of payment or as a form of marketing.I’m absolutely sure that many countries are going to follow the suit that Japan did and will start accepting crypto currency as a form of payment or marketing. I believe that it’s only a matter of time before you can use crypto in 2 or 3 more countries and this will greatly increase its legitimacy and in turn more people will start investing in it.So yes I think many casinos are going to start using it, maybe not right away but at least they are aware of the potential it has and are preparing themselves for the eventuality

Do casinos accept cryptocurrency?

Casinos typically do not accept cryptocurrency, though CoinBase does permit you to purchase from their exchange and also allows users to purchase directly from the casino with verified cards.

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