Did gambling used to be illegal in italy and france

In Italy, according to article 7 (d) of the Italian Family Law, gambling is an activity that can be dangerous and potentially harmful for the family and children, so it is left to the spouses to choose between the way to manage this activity.In France, gambling is a public health issue. The World Health Organization admitted that online gaming addiction could lead to a same as gambling problem.

Is gambling illegal in Italy?

Yes, it is illegal to gamble in Italy. Dream Cashing, Dream Job, Dream Home, Dream Car and other dreams are just dreams and not real. Individuals who deal with gambling and others related activities are directly involved with the law of Italy such as legalization of gambling in Italy, tax collection and prevention of addiction.Yes, gambling is illegal in Italy. If you try to do so you will be banned. Like we said before, it’s only a dream. Know that if you gamble hundreds or even thousands euros in a single day without any reason you will be banned from your country and blacklisted by the bank or credit card companies for sure. And remember that being blacklisted is really bad for your life.

Was gambling illegal in France?

Yes, gambling was illegal in France until 1984. The French state never took a position on the legality of gambling, but legal challenges to the prohibition were unsuccessful.In 1976, Barcelona Summer Olympics were held in France. It was the first time that bookmakers could legally open agencies in the country.In 1982, bookmakers started to open agencies in Paris Hotel establishments. French bookmakers soon opened over sixty betting offices throughout France. In 1983, the Socit des BGCF (French official gambling agency) had created a subsidiary called LBCG (Lhopital Bilharzia de Chirurgie Gnrale). This company acted as a surtter to provide advertising space for bookmakers in betting shops.France legalized lotteries in 1984 and gambling began in bars and clubs in 1985. It was only after the 1988 law reforms that bookmakers could start their own cafs-concours (Vegas-type places). The evolution of legal gambling from 1976-85 is shown here:

‘Legal gaming in Italy declined by 25-30% in 2020’ – Ludovico …

The History of Gambling and Casinos!

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