Footballers who had gambling addictions

Ronaldo, David Beckham.Ronaldo – He is one of the most loved and admired sportsperson, but his love for gambling often takes the focus off his brilliant performance on the pitch. He has a HUGE gambling debt with Vegas, and constantly harassed by his club to become a professional gambler.David Beckham – Becks is known to have a love for betting on horses, in order to win huge amounts of money. His addiction has caused him plenty of problems, such as personal regrets and some evidence of DUIs.

How much did Paul Merson gamble?

According to The Mirror, the Sky Sports pundit has had a rough time of it financially, with his former bookmaker friend saying he gambles like an idiot.Neil Saunders said: Paul (Merson) is more of a gambler than an odds taker thats what Ive noticed over the last 10 years or so.I know him pretty well, we met when I was younger and he was betting on horses and then we ended up becoming friends.Hes very lucky, he has uncanny luck on certain things. Hes very emotional and if something doesnt go his way or he doesnt like something, hes not really rational. He ends up getting himself into trouble.He likes a bet on 100 and like an idiot can get himself into a lot of debt if he loses, as there are few people as predictable as him when it comes to betting it just drives his emotions crazy.260 total views, 4 views today

How do you beat a gambling addiction?

First, realize that you have a problem.Second, seek professional help.Third, set a budget and stick to it. Don’t let yourself gamble anything you can’t afford to lose.Fourth, don’t make excuses for why you can’t beat the addiction. If you want to beat it, you will have to do exactly that: Beat it.Fifth, remember that gambling is a high-risk activity. If there’s one thing guaranteed to make your bankroll shrink, it’s playing against house odds.Sixth, avoid situations that might tempt you to gamble. Needless stress is the worst kind of stress there is. The less time you spend in a situation where you’re likely to make a mistake or try something at which you’re not particularly good, the better off you’ll be.

What celebrities have a gambling addiction?

#1: Kevin Spacey – Won’t reveal how much he is spending but he says he is stressed because of his high debt.#2: Roger Federer – Has no problem with betting on the match he can’t watch.#3: Eminem – Claims to not have a gambling addiction at all, but states in a podcast that he bets on certain things.#4: Chris Brown – Has gambled away all of his money in Vegas.#5: Floyd Mayweather – Accused of not paying some of his staff.Thanks for reading! 🙂

Paul Merson: Football Gambling and Me

Paul Merson Links His Gambling Addiction To His Football Style

Paul Merson: Football Gambling and Me

Paul Merson Links His Gambling Addiction To His Football Style

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