Has a gambling problem

No, you do not need a licence for gambling machines or slot machines (also known as gaming machines or gaming devices). You only need to be over the age of 18 to legally gamble in Australia.However, the National Business Choices tax program recommends looking into obtaining a GST Invoice from your Tax Advisor . This is because you may become liable for GST if your winning or losing outcome is linked to the machine or device.

Why do I have a gambling problem?

Gambling is the process of predicting the outcome of a random event, or making an investment, with the goal of gaining money or something else of value. The result of gambling is based on chance. When you gamble, you bet money that you cannot afford to lose against the chance that you will win.The main reason people have problems with gambling is because they’re placing unfair odds in their favor in order to win. When you’re gambling, your mind is focusing on losing so that you can win back more money, which results in negative feelings like frustration and anxiety. This causes stress and poor choices that could be avoided with more self-control.

Gambling Addiction

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