Where is gambling in the bible

I am glad you have started a question on where is gambling in the bible, as it gets a lot of questions and I am sensing that this is an important topic.First of all, we should understand the Bible’s position on it.The Bible has only two references to gambling in it.The first one is in 1 Kings 21:27: King Solomon made a feast for all Israel at the city of Gilgal, and he invited the prophet [Iddo] and all his masters from Israel, and they were blessed by God. Then he gave them a piece of property to each man, according to his possession; and he divided the portion of those who had taken a portion among those who remained behind. So wherever you go from realm to realm, inquire how the priests are doing in their ministry. And how does God’s house look? And how is the temple occupying? Well now, you are leaving – what is your decision.The second one is in 2 Chronicles 20:23-25: King Jehoshaphat said to all Judah and Jerusalem, Do not fear or be discouraged because of this great multitude; for listen to me and do as you see me doing.34 You will never see the face of your oppressors; they will be blind forever before you. 35 You will not fear them or lose heart before them, because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.The Bible gives us two things regarding gambling: 1) It says that by attending these feasts you will be blessed by God; 2) It says that if you are going to travel from one kingdom to another always ask about other kingdom’s priests’ health before starting somewhere new. That’s it! That’s all we get from God on gambling from His word! Nothing more! No condemning scripture about gambling in the Bible! So where do we go from here? Where does God say gambling is wrong? Will He tell us if He doesn’t want us to gamble? No! So what are we going to do with this information? I think we should leave it at that and not speculate more on it!

Is gambling evil?

It is neither good nor bad, its all depends on how we use it. If we use it with care then it can be good for us, if we use it irresponsibly than it can be bad for us. So its all about how we use it.

Is gambling a sin yes or no?

Generally, gambling is not considered sinful, although there are some modes of gambling (such as online bets) which is prohibited in the 1st world countries. However, all kinds of gambling are generally acceptable in the 2nd world countries. So you don’t have to worry about it.

What the Bible Says About gambling KJV?

The Bible makes no reference to gambling. However, it is not condoned. If you are a Christian and are considering getting involved in this activity, you should seek the Lord’s guidance first, as it could be a harmful influence on your life.The Old Testament prohibits certain acts, including gambling (Proverbs 22:13). In the NT , however, we find no condemnation of this activity. Indeed, we see one example of a Christian gambler (Romans Kelly Lane). You can find more detail at Gambling with Jesus.

What does the Bible teach about gambling?

Is gambling a sin? – What does the Bible say about …

What does the Bible teach about gambling?

Is gambling a sin? – What does the Bible say about …

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