Who is the god of gambling

If your answer is a celebrity then your answer is going to be really lame. So I will suggest you to find the answer from someone from your point of view.Put down the amount of money that you would put on the outcome of this question who is the god of gamblingNow I will tell who is the god of gambling. You can trust in youself because nobody knows better than yourself who are you betting on.

Is Hermes god of gambling?

No, Hermes is not a god of gambling, nor is he related to it in any way.The ancient Greeks believed that Hermes was the god of trade, since he was the god of roads and transport. Therefore, they thought that you would win at gambling if you were successful in your business.

Who is the real god of gambling?

The answer is obvious. He is in all the games of the world, The one who made the probability on one game more likely to come.The gods will never accept that I am defeated. They are my rage, my joy, my life, and my song; I am their prisoner, I am their slave. AutolycusI trust that you all agree with me.

How many God of Gamblers are there?

As it is not possible to pinpoint the exact number God of Gamblers there are, because gambling is a very expansive industry, but we can say with surety that there are more than 1,000 of them and that the number keeps on growing.

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