Why gambling is a sin

It is haraam to gamble, since it involves wasting your money and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.Apart from that, gambling is not only a vain activity but also a source of pain and sorrow for the poor who put all their money into it. It creates rifts in families, and the losers suffer from depression. It leads to forgetfulness of Allah (taqwa). It turns people into addicts. There are many other negative effects of gambling.One who is serious about his religion and his wealth should stay away from this type of activity.

Is gambling evil?

No, gambling is not evil. Gambling is a hobby that many people enjoy and that can be beneficial to the economy.There are many benefits to gambling, such as:- Stimulation of creativity and imagination (the process of creating new strategies for winning).- The development of decision-making skills (the ability to make the best choice for a situation).- More self-discipline and self-control (the ability to stay focused on the long term goals).- The acquisition of knowledge in trading and financial markets (the more you learn, the more profitable you are likely to be).- The entry into a community that shares a common interest (people who gamble are usually friendly).

Why I Believe Gambling Is a Sin

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