Is casino based on a true story

Yes, casino is based on a true story. In 1989, Las Vegas resident Linda Lacker was arrested for dealing in stolen goods. Among the items taken from her home were drugs, vitamins and roulette chips that she had won at the Lucky Chance casino.Linda had scammed the casino by posing as a drug-addicted welfare mother in desperate need of money. The police were called when the casino suspected Linda of cheating.When Linda was taken to jail, she told the arresting officer: “I got busted for dealing in stolen goods, narcotics and roulette chips I stole from Lucky Chance Casino. Guess I kind of deserved it after all.”

Who was Nicky in Casino based on?

Nicky was based on FBI agent Nicholas Philip Diaconescu, who was described as ?quietly intense? and ?incredibly driven?. His investigative work led him to a place of financial and social power, with a girlfriend who was part of the political elite.He worked under an FBI handler, who was based on Hector Godoy, the fictional handler in The Affair. While the two characters? professions were fundamentally different, both were working at scandals related to the upper class. Godoy had been dealing with Tonio Scavo’s murder, having arrived in Los Angeles three months earlier; Nicky had been given an introduction to Scavo’s wife Dominika by her cousin Jillian Novak.Through that relationship, Nicky gained access to a ?protected? individual ? Dominika had been born into wealth but worked hard to keep it ? and was soon involved in high-stakes gambling and prostitution. This would have placed him at the centre of Las Vegas society.Diaconescu worked on numerous investigations that centred around cheating spouses or domestic violence. This included his investigation into John Ganzhorn and his political ties in Oregon; Ganzhorn may or may not have been involved with Tamara Berg’s death. There were other cases involving corrupt officials and even one investigating a businessman who used meetings to sell access to military secrets. Nicky himself had come into contact with police officer Brady Hobbs in Oregon after being called there by his boss Shauna Scanlon (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit).The Affair was created by Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi, who co-wrote all 13 episodes based on their original script; Nicky’s character features prominently throughout the series’ run.

Casino – The True Story

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