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We’ve seen the crappiest video games out there, and here are some of the worst examples.1. The cat simulator: Do you really need a cat simulator when you already have a cat? No, you don’t! But anyway, if you’re crazy about cats and you want to spend some time with one, maybe this game is for you. You’ll be able to do a bunch of cat-related activities, like feeding it, playing with it, feeding it some more, or just observing it from the distance. If not, don’t even bother downloading this game. It’s not worth your time.2. The texting game: What could be worse than texting? Well, we don’t know what could be worse than that, but we do know that this game has to be one of it! Basically all this game consists in is automatically sending text messages to someone without any space between the words or even any punctuation (!!), with the odds of getting into arguments high as well (!!). Does it sound fun? Don’t download it!3. The penis trainer: Now we’re getting into some crap that deserves absolutely no attention whatsoever. This seemingly legit game gives you the possibility to train your penis and improve its health (!!), but only if you pay for a ?premium? version (!!). Don’t bother downloading it unless you’ve got money to burn or are curious about such things.

Is there an online craps game?

Online craps is not a game you can play for real money. It is an online game that lets players play craps for free. The rules of online craps are the same as the real game. Investors, players and gamblers don’t need to be physically present to play online craps, but they do need to have a reliable internet connection. Online craps are popular among players who want to play without leaving their homes or offices.Players can typically play online craps for free with virtual money. Virtual money comes in the form of chips that can be used to enter the game and bet on the outcome of a roll of the dice. Players can also earn virtual money by winning in-game tournaments and promotions run by the casino or gaming website.Because online craps have virtual money, it is not possible to lose real money playing online. If a player wins in-game bets and virtual money, there is no risk of running out of funds before being able to play again. Online craps are also more convenient than playing at a brick-and-mortar casino or gaming center, even if physical location isn’t important for playability reasons.Online casinos or gaming websites offer many types of promotions and bonuses to attract players. Some promotions offer free chips with no strings attached while others require players to sign up for a trial or premium membership program in order to qualify for the bonus or promotion. Players should read the terms and conditions associated with each promotion carefully before accepting it.

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