Are pokerev giveaways real

Yes, pokerev giveaways are real. I participated in the giveaway and got my iPhone XS 256 Gb.Pokerev is a genuine platform and you can trust the sellers. I am happy to be a part of this platform.

What is Pokerevs email?

The name of this is definitely going to sound a bit bizarre and I dont think most of us are going to feel comfortable with it, but here it goes. This is the id of the pokerevsPokerevs is an unusual name for a person who aids in the moderation of this worldwide phenomenon that blew up over the last like five years. The name Pokerevs is actually a combination of two words, poker and revs, which mean (respectively) the id of the pokerevs and the id of poker replays. So, if you want to find out more about a pokerevs, just look up his/her pk/rv on IRC or ask him/her on Discord.

What does PokeRev do for a living?

nothing, pokerev does not require anything or does anything, we are just 2 friends who love pokemon and make this blog so we can share our experiences with you all. thank you for reading this

How do you know if you won a PokeRev giveaway?

If you won, you will receive an email from that includes a unique serial number, which can be used to claim your prize. That’s all you need to know to claim your prize, and that’s it!

The Truth

*GIVEAWAYS!* & PokeRev Pack OPENING!!!

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