Did pokerstars crash

unfortunately yes…. on a bad day Pokerstars was down 2-3 hours ago… on a bad day And this is what I read in their status:”Unfortunately , there’s a problem with some of our services at the moment. We’re working on resolving it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.”A bad day is a day when you cannot watch your favourite sport or stream your favorite TV show people spend hours trying to stream but it doesnt work I wonder how people react to such inconveniences. I am grateful to pokerstars that they provide us such entertainment. It should have been resolved if it was just a one off but no, they said they are working on it and this is not something that happens

Why is PokerStars net not working?

Hi, all,I don’t know the reason behind it but for sometime now PokerStars net is not working. Please bear with it as I am using a VPN to access it. Thanks

Whats happened to PokerStars?

It all comes down to the vision of the founders, who decided to pivot Poker Stars 180 degrees and focus their efforts on the larger and more mainstream market of online casino games.We are not aware of any specific plans from Stars to exit the poker market, but we do know that they have been actively working on the online casino side of things for some time now, and they have a number of exciting products in development that we anticipate seeing released in the coming months.Whether that means they will eventually completely exit poker or not, we do not know. However, it seems likely based on their recent positioning in this market that Stars is paving a path toward a complete exit at some point in the near future.

Did PokerStars get shut down?

No, it has not been shut down.There was an instance where they temporarily suspended account registrations, that has now been resolved.This came after a series of significant events that involved high-profile users, including Patrik Antonius who had to step down from his role as a commentator on high-stakes tournaments after making offensive comments about transgender people on Facebook, and Daniel Negreanu who was suspended for the use of the word pussy in a negative context.These were implemented to ensure that no unqualified individuals were allowed to participate in high-stakes tournaments and to be commentators providing expert advice to players during these events.

Pokerstars server CRASH and refund SCANDAL 2018

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