Does pokerstars work in canada

your account will not be functional in Canada. There is no way to have your account available to play with. You can only follow the news on your favourite games.

Can I play online poker for money in Canada?

Yes you can play online poker for money in Canada. There are many poker sites that operate in Canada and you can play on these sites for money. Some of the popular poker sites that operate in Canada are PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888 Poker, Americas Cardroom and sites that operate in Canada allow players from all countries to register and play on their sites. This makes it easy for players from all over the world to play poker in Canada. Players can also deposit and withdraw money using many different payment methods such as credit cards, wire transfers and many other options.There are many benefits that come with playing on a poker site that operates in Canada. First of all the odds are better since the games are run by licensed sites in Canada. Also player privacy is better since the data is stored outside of Canada. Finally customer support is usually better as well as due to higher volume of players on every site..

Is it legal to play PokerStars in Canada?

No, it is not legal to play Pokerstars in Canada due to the countrys strict gambling laws.Pokerstars is considered a gambling website and therefore is not allowed in Canada. If you wish to play poker online and play for free, you can try PartyPoker or FullTiltpoker.If you are looking for a regulated site where you can play poker safely, we recommend playing at PokerStars United (Canada), Americas Card Room or Betfair Poker. They offer the highest maximum deposit limits and the best poker software.We hope this information was helpful, keep playing safe!

Can you still play PokerStars in Ontario?

As of January 2019, the answer to this question is no, you cannot play PokerStars in Ontario. The only way to play online poker in Canada is through an online poker room that is licensed by the Canadian government. You can find a list of licensed Canadian online poker rooms at

Can you play PokerStars casino in Canada?

It is not possible to play PlaySarsCasino in canada- firstly because you need a Credit Card to deposit any currency- secondly because all the games are operated by a single Platform which is based in Malta and that is Pokerstars.- Lastly every transaction between your bank and play stars is done through Virgile BANK which makes your transaction entirely transparent.


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