Has pokerstars banned russian players

unless they have a license (which they don’t) they are not allowed to do any gambling of any kind.So as you can see, it is not possible to play poker on pokerstars using your russian IP.

Can Russian players play on PokerStars?

No, Russian players cannot play on PokerStars. The company does not allow the participation of players from the Russian Federation and Ukraine, since these countries are not official members of the European Union.PokerStars has a special agreement with the regulators for the Russian market, so players from Russia may be able to play on PokerStars. However, they are not allowed to take any winnings from the site. This is because of the regulations between PokerStars and the government.We recommend that you try PokerStars from another country if you want to play on this site. It is possible that your account may be temporarily blocked or frozen, but this will not impact your ability to withdraw winnings.

Will PokerStars ever come back to US?

It is currently unclear if or when Pokerstars will return to the United States. Pokerstars announced in 2015 that they were ceasing service in the United States, and were redirecting all players to iPoker. However, Pokerstars have yet to officially close their US site.Players can continue playing on Pokerstars using a VPN, however this comes with some serious security concerns and players are strongly recommended to follow best practices when using a VPN.In the meantime, players can play on either Ignition or Bet365 in the US. Neither site offers the same selection of poker games as Pokerstars, but they are still a great place to play online poker. Ignition has a great selection of Texas Holdem and Omaha games, while Bet365 has a great selection of slots and table games. Both sites also offer live poker throughout the year at special event series like The Big One for One Drop and Summer Jam.


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