Have poker face meaning

No, poker face means having a calm and serious expression on your face which shows that you are not showing your feeling.Poker face means not showing your feeling or what you really feel about someone or something. If you are showing your true feelings that can be bad for a business deal, argument or friendship and we should hide our feeling so poker face is a good way to do that.

How do you use poker face in a sentence?

poker face refers to the ability of a person to hide their emotions in order to appear as calm and unemotional as possible in a given situation. It is a type of excellent facial expression that is used by people who are confident and well-prepared for any eventuality.

What do you call someone with a poker face?

I don’t like being poker face because I think it’s only good to people who are better than I am and I usually have trouble to communicate with people more advanced than me.But, being poker face is good in some situations such as when we’re trying to hide our sadness or disappointment to our friends or when we’re meeting a new person and we want to keep our feeling secret. I think being poker face is good in those situations because we don’t want our friends or the stranger to feel uncomfortable and I think those situations require a little bit of confidentiality.

What does it mean if you have a poker face?

A poker face is a face with no emotion, which is something that can be very difficult to achieve. Some people have poker faces naturally, while others try very hard to achieve it.ENDea: No face no favor.

Is being poker face good?

No it is not a good quality. Being poker face is being uncaring and unemotional. It is a good quality to be concerned and focused.

Poker face meaning – Learn the best English idioms

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