Is pokerstars rigged

Yes, pokerstars is rigged. I have been playing poker for almost 5 years now and I have seen the amount of rake increase over time. This is not because the game is getting harder but because the site is making more and more money. They are willing to do anything to make money and they will do anything to stay number one in the rake race, from fixing games to manipulating rankings. I’ve seen many people get banned for defending the game but I don’t understand why it’s okay for them to manipulate rankings and cheating players out of their money.Pokerstars has a bad image due to all the bad stories about them cheating players out of all their money. The only good thing about pokerstars is the software that you use to play, but even that company needs regulation and transparency because it seems like they are making too much money from us with nothing to show for it in return.I used to play on Partypoker but after having a look at their site I ended up going back to Pokerstars as bad memories of my time on PPL were haunting me. There is no doubt that Pokerstars has a huge lead over Partypoker in terms of software quality, customer service and player protection so if you are looking for a place where you can feel at peace with your wins then go with Pokerstars, if not then play on Partypoker as I feel like they deserve another chance due to all their past faults being fixed.

Is PokerStars a real player?

I would say yes and no.Yes, in that you can earn real money playing poker, but no, in that you are not guaranteed to make any real money.Yes, because if you play well and learn from your mistakes you can earn enough to cover your losses and maybe even turn a profit. No, because not only do you need to play well and learn from your mistakes but you also need to be able to beat the odds at the poker sites where you play. To do that you have to have the edge of experience and knowledge over the average player.

Can PokerStars be trusted?

It all depends on who you ask and what your background is. For example, a broke guy who is just looking for a way to gamble away his money isn’t going to be very trusting of Pokerstars and may think that the company is always trying to rip him off. On the other end of the spectrum, a guy who makes decent money from playing can see things from a completely different angle and be much more trusting of it.From my own experience: I started playing a few years ago, and initially played on Stars at a slightly lower limit than I was comfortable with. After losing quite a bit of money there, I then moved over to another site that was more ‘user-friendly’, where I had much better results. At the time (and still, in some ways), I had no trust in Pokerstars whatsoever; it was one of those black boxes where you would deposit money, but never know what would come out if you won or lost. Over time though, I’ve learned more about them, and can say with some level of confidence that they’re legitimate and trustworthy.

Pokerstars Is Rigged

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