Where to plant red hot poker

Red hot poker is a hardy perennial with trailing stems that can reach up to 2 feet tall. It forms dense clumps and is best planted in full sun in well-drained soil. It likes sandy loam soil with good drainage. Red hot poker is not picky about soil conditions and will tolerate poor quality soil as well. You can plant it directly in the ground or grow it as an annual by clipping off the foliage when winter comes. If you plant it as an annual, plant it at least 2 inches deep.

How do you plant red hot poker bulbs?

Red hot poker bulbs are very easy to grow and can be planted indoors or outdoors. Plant them in a well-drained potting soil and place it in a sunny location. The plant needs full sun to bloom and red hot poker is an annual so it will require replanting in the spring.Red hot poker bulbs can be easily grown from seeds but you can also buy them in the plant shop. Make sure that you get healthy bulbs with good roots before planting. Plant the seeds 3 cm deep and not too close together, as the plants develop quickly. Space them at least 10 cm apart.When the plants are large enough to handle, you can transplant them into the garden. Place them 5-10 cm away from the other flowers and shrubs, so they get plenty of space. The plants can grow up to 1 meter tall if you provide enough space.

Do red hot pokers do well in pots?

No, red hot poker do not do well in pots.

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