Which poker hands beat which

weakest poker hand beats strongest pokerhandAce High straight beats Queen high straightAce High low flush beats Queen high flushTwo pair beats one pairTens beat fivesAce high straight decks out beats Two pair low straightace high flush decks out beats two pair low flush.

Can any hand beat 4 aces?

Nothing beats 4 aces! Its so unbelievable! You see, sometimes even the most skilled players will face off against four aces, and how does it end for them? Their lives are won in the blink of an eye. Because in poker, youre not only betting on the hand, but also on your opponents hand too. So if your opponent is bluffing behind four aces, which is extremely rare as bluffing behind such a strong hand is tricky, then he has to be very confident too. If you combine these 2 things (1) Your opponents very confident with such a strong hand and (2) Your own hand is one of the best possible then its usually obvious that you have a winning situation..In conclusion I would just say beat four aces if there are only extremely confident players around. If they all fold or if they all try to bluff, then you can do whatever you want as they wont be able to outplay you. End of story.

Poker Hands Ranking [What Beats What]

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