Which poker hands to play

There are three hands to play in poker – pocket Aces, pocket Pairs, and junk cards.Pocket Aces are typically the best hands because they are the best combinations of high and low cards. So you’ll want to play mostly with pocket Aces, high-low and all-in situations.Pairs is decent because you get two high cards, and high-low and all-in situations are good. But because of how poorly pocket aces are beaten in comparison to other hands, you’ll only want to play with them in the later stages of the game.Junk cards are terrible hands and it’s best that you avoid them completely. In short, be sure to play with pocket aces for the majority of your game, then switch over to pairs for the later stages.

What hands win the most in poker?

Well it may sound easy but there are many things to take into consideration here. First you need to analyze your opponents hand and make a call if you think you have a better hand than yours. Then you need to make a good decision on whether to stay or fold, and if fold then how much to bet. These are the most important parts of Poker but hands that win the most in poker are based on these factors.Best hands will be high cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings), good pairs (Aces, Fives), straight flushes and the nuts (aces through tens).Always play tight so that your opponents aren?t able to steal pots easily or raise with stronger hands. This will allow you to win more pots which can lead to more wins overall.

What hands should you fold in Texas Holdem?

In Texas Hold’em, the way you fold your hand can drastically affect the way your opponents play their hand. Because of this, many players prefer to fold their hands as inconspicuously as possible.A good folding technique is to hold your cards in such a way that they are facing upwards and out to the sides. This position will give you more room to see your cards and make better poker decisions.Another benefit of holding your cards in this way is that it forces your opponents to play close to the table. This can help you read their body language and figure out what cards they may have.

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