Why pokerstars shut down

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Why is PokerStars net not working?

Dont panic, its not a site problem, and there isnt something wrong with it. Its just the software providers doing a little software testing ahead of the roll out. The latest online poker and casino software is much more advanced than what we’re used to, which means there is more stability and fewer issues, which means more stability and fewer issues to fix.GSN (pokerstars) has never been down at any point in time since I’ve been playing on itAnd the good thing is that they open up new areas very quickly (e.g., Antilles, APAC), so we should look forward to huge markets coming on in the next few weeks/months.

Will PokerStars ever come back to us?

The short answer is no. Although PokerStars is still operating, after a U.K. High Court decision on June 18th, 2019 the company will no longer be serving U.K. players. We expect that this situation will unfortunately not change in the near future as the case remains at appeal stage and no further details are available at this time. However, we are continuing to offer support for our player community through the support channels below and we recommend you contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.We understand there are many uncertainties around this situation and we would like to take this opportunity to put out some facts that our team here firmly believes:1) At this current time, it is unclear as to exactly which assets will be sold and in what timeframe, but based on our understanding it is likely that the most widely recognized brands owned by Stars Group will be transferred to an independent entity. They include PokerStars, BetStars, Full Tilt Poker (now Holdem Poker), and PokerGO (the mobile poker app). Those players holding balances and/or credits from these brands will immediately be able to use their funds across all of their supported payout methods after the closure of PokerStars UK. 2) Players will have free access to redemption codes for prize money or value-added services for up to 180 days after the closure of PokerStars UK 3) Players will be able to receive communication regarding prize payouts directly from the brand owner or payment processor directly, who we understand would be required to communicate with us on their behalf as required by law; 4) After 90 days from closure, prize funds must be sent via EFT on a semi-annual basis; 5) If there are any fund shortages that cannot be satisfied via EFT then all unclaimed funds will be made available within four weeks through a combination of payments via Skrill/Entropay/Visa/Mastercard; 6) For players having multiple accounts with different holdings into Stars Group brands then those accounts must have individual redemption codes issued in order for each code to be valid across all brands; 7) For players who wish to continue playing on sites operated by other entities such as Bet365 then those player accounts must transfer their account balances over to those brands; and 8) All player accounts must remain open until prize payouts have completed after the closure of PokerStars UKThese facts can only really really really really really really really really really really really really be described as limited information

Who Owns PokerStars now?

In December 2015, pokerstars was acquired by Manulife ENT Limited, a diversified global life insurance company.PokerStars has been a cornerstone of the online gambling industry. With this acquisition, Manulife will gain a license to operate regulated online gambling in the United Fintech Americas region, including the United States, Canada and Latin America.With this acquisition Manulife is expected to expand its presence in the U.S. market through offering a full suite of financial products and services to players across the country. By acquiring PokerStars, Manulife is expected to grow its brand recognition to new markets while offering a leading product portfolio to current clients in regulated online gambling markets around the world.

Why are there no games on PokerStars?

1. Because They Are Dirty Fucking Scammers (Seriously, who Let Them in This Game).2. Because They Offer No Value/Convenience.3. Because The Game Is Less Attractive, Less Liquid And Less Scalable As The Players Are Less Educated On It.4. Because It Is A Sin To Give Away Your Hard Work (You Should Be Making Money Not Giving It Away).

Why is everyone still playing on Pokerstars?

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