Will pokerstars come back to australia

I would not hold your breath on this one. Pokerstars is not showing the same level of support in Australia that they have in the rest of the world and that sort of thing can change pretty easily. I would also not be holding your breath on any type of comeback into Australia unless they had some major changes made to the company.

Will online poker become legal in Australia?

No, online poker will not become legal in Australia. The Australian Government has banned online poker due to the risks associated with gambling.

Will PokerStars ever come back to us?

There’s a lot of speculation as to whether PokerStars will ever come back to the United States. In theory, it would be very easy for them to return.The trouble, of course, is that they would have to win back the trust of U.S. players, and there are a variety of obstacles in their path.One thing that would make the prospect of a return more likely is if U.S. players were allowed to play with real money on PokerStars, but that’s almost impossible at this point.Even if they did come back, U.S. players might be excluded from certain promotions and events because of money-based restrictions in place with other gaming companies.

Is PokerStars available in Australia?

No, it is not available in AustraliaPokerStars is only available in these countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Ireland , Italy , Japan. Netherlands , Peru , Philippines , Portugal , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland and the United -Kingdom .If you would like to play on PokerStars from another country it is very easy to do so. Follow the instructions below:1) First you need to get an account on by clicking here then follow the instructions. You can also download the PokerStars app for Android or iOS devices by scanning the QR code with your phone below.2) Once you have completed both of these steps go to your country’s site where you want to play from then choose the Get Started tab on the site and follow the instructions.3) Once you have registered with your new Poker Stars ID and created a new account up with your details and bank details go back to your country’s site and start Playing!

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