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Origin of slot machines

In the early 20th century, craps was a popular table game at many bars and pool halls. It was played with a variety of bets on the outcome of a roll of the dice. The most common wagers were on the pass line, where players put money behind the line bet that the shooter would win; or the don’t pass bet, where players attempted to influence the shooter’s decision by not offering assistance (blindly) to an opponent who threw the dice.A craps dealer named Mr. H. L. (Harry) Vernon noticed that craps players were placing bets on an unusual event: making a craps shot. In this event, if a player threw four dice and received a ‘7’ or ’11’, then that player had made a shot and could collect money from all other players who had placed chips behind their own pass line or don’t pass lines (if no one had placed a chip behind their line, then they would owe money to all other players who had placed chips behind their line). This led to fairly high-stakes gambling with one throw of the dice because if someone made a shot and collected all those chips, then they would win roughly two times as much as they wagered on the shot!Vernon noticed this betting action (known as craps fishing) and decided to make some extra table money by inventing an unrelated bet: you could bet on whether or not a shooter would roll snake eyes. If neither player makes their declared bets, then no money changes hands and there is nothing more to do at the table. If a player wins that round, however, then he or she is entitled to take all other players’ stakes out from under them!By placing blackjack five-unit chips on their craps tables, craps dealers created another round of craps fishing. Craps dealers had invented what would later become known as ‘slot machines’. These early slot machines gave you every possible combination of 1 through 36 in only one throw of the dice!

When did slot machines become popular?

The slot machines are first thought to be made during the 20th century, but they were actually invented in the Ancient Greece. The first recorded occurrence of the machine was during the Eleusinian Games in the 4th century BCE in Ancient Greece.The slot machines are first thought to become popular with WWII. In this time there was a service called FRN ( facade reward not) which offered a gambling house where you could play and win on machines like the slot machines.In 1943, Charles Fey broke a record at a roulette table, with $5000 which he won in only 37 minutes. This record was still stood by Mickey Brutus as of 1943.

The History of Slot machines, The Liberty Belle Saloon and …

100 years of Slot Machines

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