Slot matchine

Why should slot machines be illegal

Because they are a form of gambling, slot machines are a form of gambling. Since we already have laws in place to govern the use of gambling devices, we do not need to extend that regulation to slot machines. We also already have other laws in place that govern the healthy operation of businesses and ensure that businesses do not take advantage of their customers.The American people are not looking for a free ride from our governmentthey want safe products and services that work, contribute to our economy, and protect our children. Legalizing slot machines will not accomplish those goals.

What makes a gambling machine illegal?

A gambling machine is legal only if it complies with the following conditions:1. It cannot be used as an investment in any way, for profit or loss.2. It cannot provide gambling services to individuals for a fee.3. It cannot provide gambling services to individuals without charging a fee or giving any other type of incentive.4. It cannot use any device or software that helps Random Number Generators predict the outcome of a game, or otherwise determine the outcome of the game. This is known as ‘Predictive Analytics.’Predictive analytics is the use of data and analysis to predict the likely outcome of a game, based on playing patterns and other information already known about that playerfor example, age, location, gender, previous play history and creditworthiness. The use of predictive analytics by a gambling machine could result in an unfair advantage to the operator over other playersand in more money going to the machine’s owners than goes to players.

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