Why casinos are on water

Many people are familiar with the term ‘wagering’ and it comes to their mind that through wagering one can earn money. However, it is not true as winning does not automatically equal money. The answer to the question above lies in a casino which is situated on water and this is that, by sitting in such a case, all your losses and wins will be directly going into the casinos pockets through VAT.

Do casinos have to be over water?

No, not necessarily.According to the Kansas Gaming Commission, glimmers and land do not have to be over water. However, the Kansas Gaming Commission is in charge of licensing and regulation of gambling in the state of Kansas, and has the ultimate authority to make decisions on local, state and federal level.As a result of this authority, the commission can exempt any place or type of operation based on their own standards. For instance, a commission could legally decide that a gas station only needs to have awnings that cover 20% of its exterior or they could fine an individual for operating their business out of a truck instead of a permanent building.

Are all casinos in Louisiana on water?

No, there are not all casinos in Louisiana on water.In the city of Shreveport, there is one casino called The Slots Casinos that sits on the corner of River Road and Beneke Road. It was built on an old riverbed and is considered historically significant.The rest of the casinos in Louisiana are actually on land, which have been built over an old railroad right-of-way just called ‘The Tracks.’ They are: Metairie Riverplace, Harrah’s New Orleans, Harrah’s Lake Charles and Golden Nugget New Orleans.All of them look out into the beautiful water that surrounds Shreveport, except for Delta Downs by chance.They can all be seen from the The Slots Casinos as we sit on their Riverbeach Deck overlooking a small ‘bayou’ where boats can go tubing downriver to Farmer’s market Place.

Why are Indian casinos on water?

Because Indian casinos are like heaven for the poor bastards. There are two main reasons for that.1). Deposits are not required in India. You have to either place a bet or win money, and the amounts have to be INR. So if you guys place a bet, you guys dont need to worry about any taxes or trouble regarding age verification.2). When you guys win the money, you guys get it directly into your accounts. No taxes or management fees involved! Also, casino machines in India dont take as much as 10% of money as management fee like in USA. And 50% taxes in slot machine is more then enough for government.

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Water pours into Las Vegas casinos during flooding

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